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Mary P Brooke, Candidate SD62 (Belmont Zone)


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Advance Voting on Oct 5 & 12 (8 am to 8 pm): Langford – at city hall, 877 Goldstream Ave | Colwood – at city hall, 3300 Wishart Rd | Highlands – at Highlands East Fire Hall, 3613 Woodridge Place on Oct 5; and at Highlands Community Hall, 729 Finlayson Arm Rd on Oct 12) | Metchosin – at municipal hall, 4450 Happy Valley Rd.

General Voting Day – Oct 15, 2022 (8 am to 8 pm). Langford: Happy Valley Elementary (3291 Happy Valley Rd), Millstream Elementary (626 Hoylake Rd), Ruth King Elementary (2764 Jacklin Rd) |  Colwood: at city hall, 3300 Wishart Rd |  Highlands: Highlands Community Hall, 729 Finlayson Arm Rd | Metchosin: at Metchosin Community Hall, 4401 William Head Rd


ELECT Mary P Brooke as SD62 Trustee
(Belmont Zone)


Thank you for supporting Mary Brooke as she takes this step to serve families and support public education in the west shore, as a Trustee of the Sooke School District 62 (SD62) Board of Education.

Mary Brooke is running to win one of the four (4) seats in the Belmont Zone of SD62 (voters in Langford, Colwood, Highlands, and Metchosin). There are seven (7) seats on the full SD62 board; voters resident in Sooke and Juan de Fuca vote for up to three (3) candidates in the Milne’s Landing Zone of SD62. 

Mary Brooke offers thoughtful change while providing responsible leadership. She cares about youth and families. 

The school district election date is October 15, 2022. For successful candidates, the term of office is four (4) years. Mary P Brooke is a smart choice on the ballot for 2022-2026.

When I'm out door-knocking in #westshore neighbourhoods, people have great questions about the #SD62 school board, the voting process, and current #bced issues. Thanks, all, for being keen about #voting! #Langford #Colwood #Metchosin #Highlands @SD62_Sooke

I am pleased to have the support of now-retiring Mike Hicks for my campaign to be one of your next #SD62 school trustees for 2022-2026. He has seen my long-standing work in the #westshore community since 2007, including 8 yrs attending most SD62 board & committee meetings.

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Why Mary Brooke, why now

Mary P Brooke has been following the news and developments of the SD62 School District at the board and committee level since 2014, attending most of the meetings and writing articles about SD62 as a journalist working in the west shore.

As parent, PAC rep or journalist, over the years Mary Brooke has visited most of the SD62 schools in Langford, Colwood and Sooke, including the new ones under construction. She has come to know SD62 administration and trustees, many principals and teachers, PAC reps and students.

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While also running her business, Mary raised her son and three daughters who are now leading successful adult lives. During their K-12 years they attended schools in SD61, SD62 and SD72.

SD62 is guided by their 2021-2025 Strategic Plan goals for Learning, Engagement and Growth but from there trustees make many policy decisions.  School district trustees are expected to lead from within. 

Ms Brooke is an independent thinker who — as an elected trustee — will  aim to watch for the rights of parents and well-being of students and families. She would bring insightful level-headed analysis to board-level decision-making.

Why the P in her name?

Why the ‘P’?  Well, there are lots of Mary’s in the west shore. 

On the election ballot on October 15, 2022:  candidate Mary Brooke’s name will show as Mary P Brooke.

Fresh voice, with insight

sd62, map
SD62 Belmont Zone: for voters in Langford, Colwood, Highlands and Metchosin.

Mary Brooke is ready to bring a fresh voice to the SD62 board table in a broad way that puts students and families first, but serves the full local K-12 education community.

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Mary Brooke is out and about meeting voters in the west shore! Call 250-588-7091 for a brochure or lawn sign.

Through raising a family on her own and her work in journalism, Mary’s insights into the socioeconomics of families and communities in the west shore region will be a great asset to the delivery of public education.

Any community is highly impacted by the success of their public education school district. Schools are responsible to educate youth toward becoming attentive citizens and effective workers of the future. 

Mary P Brooke is keen to see that the fullest spectrum of the west shore region is served by the SD62 board of education, including goal-oriented interaction with the business community, and liaising with other levels of government where education is a shared concern.

Royal Bay Secondary School in Colwood held their career day on May 17, 2022.
school bus
SD62 is exploring options in their bus transportation offerings. [Photo: 2020]
Under construction in Aug 2022, Pexsisen Elementary is set to open in Sept 2022.
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royal bay, commons
Commons area at Royal Bay Secondary in Colwood. [May 2022]
welding, royal bay
Welding shop at Royal Bay Secondary. [May 2022]

Public education

"Through public education, families expect the best educational experience for their children." ~ Mary P Brooke

  • PARENTS: Parents have a right to expect the best possible K-12 educational experience for their children, delivered for students at all levels of ability. Parents and caregivers deserve effective and reliable communication between the schools (and administration) and their families. Parents anticipate appropriate customization of curriculum offerings within SD62 and best-use of resources within classrooms and throughout the district’s range of services. 
  • EXPERTISE: Youth need sharp 21st-century skills and a wide range of knowledge. Emphasis on academic excellence needs shoring up, in addition to social-emotional learning. There’s room to bring back some important things that have been lost along the way, such as cursive writing and school newspapers. Excellence in the most talented learners needs to be  fostered while supporting learners at all levels of ability.  And it’s time for the curriculum to deliver more skills in financial literacy and news-media analysis.
  • BALANCE: Enhance and maintain academic vision while attending to facility growth in SD62. Ensure full involvement of trustees as elected representatives (e.g. the current Strategic Plan was pre-built by staff, then polished afterward by trustees). Establish equal effort and funding for sports and the arts.  Employ information technology (IT) excellence in classrooms and administration. Offer income-related supports — such as school food programs — but communicate with families to find the right balance. In SD62 the commonality to all decisions is student population growth and facility expansion (driven by robust housing development in the west shore) —  trustees must keep an eye on how the focus on growth is  impacting the classroom experience, provision of bus transportation, reliability of IT service, and administrative management load.
  • VISION: Support students in fostering a more resilient society and economy (facilitate a fair shot at dealing with economic stability and environmental sustainability). Align with students in their maintenance of mental, emotional and physical well-being. Deliver survival skills (e.g. emergency preparedness, food-growing, communications, and financial literacy). Offer pathways for emergent global citizenry: critical thinkers and meaningful contributors.

Pandemic impacts

"Recovery from pandemic impacts will require attention in many aspects of education delivery in SD62 schools." ~ Mary P Brooke

Public health management during the continuing pandemic is a responsibility through district boards of education. 

RANGE OF IMPACTS: Despite everyone’s best efforts, the pandemic will have had a wide range of social-emotional and learning impacts on students. Families, staff, teachers and administration have had a lot to deal with as well.  Mental, physical and social well-being are a necessary lens for most if not all board-level decision-making.

VENTILATION: The pandemic has brought to light that ventilation in schools requires attention. HVAC equipment and window upgrades require installation management and maintenance budgets to match. Management of classroom space for adequate physical distancing will probably still require attention. Mask and vaccine policies are likely to require adaptation in alignment with public health policy.

FUTURE WAVES: If there are future COVID variant waves (which BC public health expects to occur in each year’s fall-winter respiratory season) schools will need to remain accessible and safe.

Last update of this campaign website: October 1, 2022

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